CIS Returns
For Contractors working in the construction industry

Representation in the event of a CIS enquiry.
CIS Returns produced by your own lead accountant.
Production of all the necessary CIS documentation.
Fully compliant CIS Returns submitted.

What's the process for completing your CIS returns as a contractor?

  • We will send you a reminder: The payroll team will contact you before the 19th of every month asking how much you’ve paid to your sub-contractor, or, if we are already supporting your payroll, we will send out the month end report.
  • We will send out your CIS statement: We’ll then reply with your statement, letting you know how much you owe to HMRC.
  • We will submit your CIS return to HMRC: Once we've received your approval, we'll submit your CIS return to HMRC. Job done!

Why choose us to complete your CIS returns?

  • Reduce the risk of penalties: If your CIS return is even one day late, the penalty is £100 and if it’s more than two months late, a further £200 penalty is applied. Our monthly automated reminders will help you avoid these unnecessary charges.
  • Comprehensive service: Our complete contractor service includes everything from adding and verifying your new sub-contractors, to processing your payments, deduction statements, and submitting your monthly CIS returns to HMRC.
  • Free representation: As well as handling your CIS returns, statements and how much you owe HMRC, we’ll also act on your behalf if they decide to investigate your affairs, fighting your corner.

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