Mission Statement

Chaps has quickly become one of the biggest names in the Funding & Payroll market. With, over 20 years experience in Recruitment & the Finance industry, our mission is to carry out our activities in an ethical and compliant manner.

Our Mission Statement

We strongly believe that compliance is key when operating your company or wanting to start your own business.

Chaps have created the perfect ONE STOP SHOP for all your business needs, Our vast experience in Finance and Business it was about time a product came to the market that did exactly what it says on the Label.

What is outsourced payroll?

Simply put, payroll outsourcing is means hiring a third party company that specialises in payroll processing to handle the payroll for your busin...

What are the consequences of auto-enrolment non-compliance?

The Pensions Regulator has used enforcement powers in over 500,000 cases in the last decade as a result of employers failing to comply with auto-...

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