Accountancy Packages
Comprehensive accountancy packages for every business type.

Tailored Packages for your business

  • Sole Traders - From £25 per week
    Simplicity and complete accounting support for an unbeatable price.
  • Limited Companies - From £75 per week
    Expert accounting assistance for your growing business
  • Partnerships - From £50 per week
    A friendly and approachable accountancy service for you and your partners.
  • LLPs - From £75 per week
    Comprehensive accountancy support for you and your partners.
  • Contractors - From £15 per week
    Experienced accounting services for contractors and freelancers.
  • Bespoke Services - Prices dependent on what other services you would like to add,
    or have done for you as a one off.

Why is “CAS” so cost-effective?

  • Whether you’re an established organisation looking for some extra support, or a brand new start-up business, we’re here to help. With our cost-effective service we can ensure that the support, processing and knowledge we provide will maximize your growth whilst having peace of mind that “CAS” is looking after you.
    No matter the shape or size of your business - an individual sole trader, contractor, freelancer or even a limited company - we have a comprehensive accountancy package just for you.
  • We know our stuff: Our team of qualified Accountants, Bookkeepers and Payroll Executives have years of combined experience, so let us put our skills into action while you concentrate on building your empire.
    We’ll also be on hand with 24/7 help and support throughout the year, meaning you will always have direct access to your lead accountant whenever you need them. Except after midnight on a Sunday - they’ll probably be sleeping!

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