For Companies, Contractors and Small Businesses

Our expert accountants ensure your financial records are accurate and reliable.
We record all your transactions for you to access at any time.
Your own lead Accountant assigned to your business.
Access to our Accounting software - Sage.
Send us your documents via email.

How it works...

  • We request your documents: We will ask you to send us your documents via email on a daily and weekly basis because we work in real time.
  • We create your bookkeeping records: Your documents are diligently entered into our accounting software.
  • You stay in control of your finances: We will provide you access to your accounting portal so you can keep an eye your business performance.

Why choose “CAS” to complete your bookkeeping?

  • Peace of mind: Bookkeeping errors can land your business in big trouble. Our experienced Accountants are trained in accurate data entry, so you can be confident in the figures they produce are accurate & correct.
  • Online bookkeeping software: Most of our clients use our own accounting software Sage. You'll receive access to view your records at any time.
  • Tax efficiency reviews: Your lead accountant will conduct regular tax efficiency reviews, ensuring you’re claiming everything you are entitled to ensuring you are operating in the most efficient way possible.

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