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With Chaps you have a reliable and expert partner to help ease the burden of your critical employment administration and compliance.

Our payroll services provide your workforce with full employment whilst maintaining the ability to receive PAYE pay.


CHAPS Directed Payroll

This in effect is where we work for your company as your in-house payroll but we are just not located in your premises.

How It Works
  • Chaps will payroll your workers on a PAYE basis using your PAYE & accounts office references
  • Chaps will invoice you weekly at a cost per worker per timesheet for the payroll services
  • Chaps will invoice you monthly for all PAYE liabilities due for that period
  • Chaps will invoice you weekly for NET payroll costs, including holiday and pension costs
  • Chaps will act as an agent on behalf of your company with HMRC for payroll purpose and file the necessary RTI information when required
  • Chaps will run & issue upon request a holiday accrual spreadsheet specific to your workers
  • Chaps will issue your workers with payslips detailing gross salary, deductions etc. Payslips will be headed with your logo
  • Chaps will manage the pension auto-enrolment on behalf of your agency


Chaps Contracting & Payroll Services come with a wealth of experience in running and managing a high volume of industry payrolls. We provide a full suite of services including Payroll, outsourcing direct to HMRC, Payroll Umbrella, Chartered Accountants and Invoice Factoring/Finance to supply you with a one stop shop or all your payroll & funding needs.

  • We strongly believe that compliance is key when operating payroll solutions and having worked alongside some of the leading tax advisors and employment lawyers to ensure that our practices and procedures are the very best in the industry.
  • Our aim is to take the headache out of payroll, to ensure you are fully compliant whilst giving the best possible service and support to our clients.
  • We work alongside some of the best employment lawyers to ensure that our practices and procedures are the best in the industry.
  • All employees are fully trained by the CIPP

CHAPS Umbrella Payroll

For freelancers and contractors alike

An umbrella company is often the simplest way to get paid, especially for short-term or part time contracts.

It offers the benefits of an employment contract with the flexibility for the worker to work different assignments.

  • Your workers will sign a contract of employment with Chaps
  • Your agency will contract with Chaps
  • Your agency workers will submit their time sheets either to the agency or Chaps
  • Your agency or the contractor will pay the fee to Chaps
  • Chaps will deduct its margins and employment costs
  • Chaps will pay all the deducted Taxes and National Insurance to HMRC
  • Chaps will issue your workers with payslips detailing gross salary, deductions etc.
  • Chaps will manage the pension auto-enrolment on behalf of your agency


PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn. Under this method, the worker or subcontractor is employed under a contract of employment with CHAPS, and CHAPS deducts the necessary PAYE and national insurance contributions and pays the worker a salary. Furthermore, the workers are entitled to statutory employment rights and other benefits like CHAPS employee perks. This is the most straightforward way of operating for CIS workers.

CHAPS Supplier

The Supplier model –––will save you a considerable amount of your weekly/monthly payroll costs, its one of the fastest growing payroll options due to massive saving and its high level of compliance.

How it Works
  • All workers are employed by the Supplier and engaged by your agency
  • The payroll is run through the supplier
  • This model will save you a considerable amount of your payroll costs weekly. To ensure your candidates/workers are fully compliant they must sign the employment contract from the supplier You are still in full control over your employee
  • Chaps will invoice your at the beginning of each week. We will need to receive the full funds or a remittance before payroll is run (usually by 12pm Thursday)
  • The Supplier will only act as the employer so NI and Tax your liabilities are paid correctly
  • The Supplier will auto-enrol your workers on the 12th week unless stated otherwise
  • The Supplier will contact all workers to support the onboarding process and explain how it works, all workers will also get access to their own dedicated portal where they can view all payslips and important documents i.e. KID, contract etc.
  • Your workers will get access to dragon perks as an additional benefit
  • RTI reports are done weekly & for peace of mind we can make advance payments any day of the week

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