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CHAPS understand the challenges you face when starting your own recruitment agency and how to overcome them. So, we’ll be there throughout to support your ambitions and provide you with the right services to run your business efficiently and cost effectively.

Why Should You Start a Recruitment Agency?

  • Starting a recruitment agency has great potential and a high success rate to succeed. Equipped with the CHAPS tools, resources, and knowledge, you can never fail.
  • Over the years, we have seen many of our clients achieve success beyond their dreams and you can do the same, through CHAPS’s 20 years recruitment experience, with our guidance and support in the development of your business you can start to achieve peace of mind that you’ve done the right thing.
  • Setting up and running your own RECRUITMENT agency can be a challenging exercise, depending on your aptitude, business, and industry knowledge as well as the availability or access to resources. CHAPS gives you free access to every resource and full support from start to ongoing support.

How we support your start up?

  • Cash to start & grow (FACTORING) - 100% finance means you and your workers get paid every week.
  • Fully accredited and compliant PAYROLL services
  • Flexible Recruitment Solutions - Start and grow at a pace that suits you without restrictions.
  • Focus your time on growth - Spend your valuable time finding new business with full FREE back-office support
  • Business bank accounts set up
  • Full Social media advertising/recruiting support & website interaction

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