Global Payroll

Here at CHAPS, we recognise that the traditional option for employing international talent may not be available to you or even legal in some countries.
At CHAPS, we understand that time is money and that you need a partner that not only you can trust, but you can keep running your business.
Our focus on delivering high quality expertise backed service sets us apart from other typical Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) and Employer of Record (EOR) companies.

Why use CHAPS Global Payroll?

  • Your dedicated international payroll team can offer you bespoke support on international and local payroll tax queries.
  • We can tailor your invoices so that you can pay your entire teams salary, taxes and benefits in a single invoice. Payroll made simple.
  • We calculate local social security costs across multiple jurisdictions


We offer support in managing the complexities of international employment including:

  • Supplementary pay and discretionary bonuses
  • Exchange rate agreements for inflationary currencies
  • Flexible or part time work agreements
  • Performance and disciplinary issues including issuing disciplinary notices and supporting with performance improvement plans that you need to undertake with them.

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